Types of pipe tobacco

Pipe tobacco is usually part of five large groups of tobacco.

Virginia: these are mixtures in which Virginia variety of blond tobacco prevails, in many cases without the addition of aromatic essences.

Aromatic: pipe tobacco from this group is usually made from Virginia and Burley, they are sweet black tobacco, they have the addition of flavoring and aromatic essences.

Cavendish: they are aromatic tobacco mixtures with a Virginia base and an important percentage of roasted Burley, which gives it a chocolaty aroma.

English: In this group, Latakia, original smoked black tobacco from Turkey and Syria, is added to the Virginia mixtures.

Natural or original: they are mixtures of Virginia and Burley, but without flavoring / flavoring aggregates.



Of course there is no better group than another, in fact there are smokers who make their own mixtures from the tobacco we can buy.

For us and this is similar to what happens with whiskey (or also with wines), the best pipe tobacco is that each smoker likes most. That is why it is essential to taste different whiskeys to find the ones we like the most, and in the case of tobacco too.